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Congratulations on Your Engagement!

Now that you're engagaged your next step is to find your wedding photographer. You came to the right place! My Style is known to be Artsy and edgy but i always make sure to capture all the romantic moments with an elegant touch. I am known to have the best packages in town. All my packages include a DVD with High resolution images with basic and full editing. Not only do you get your rights on every package but you can also choose to get a Free Engagement with free prints and album.

Your Wedding is an important day in your life. It is a little fairytale which is actually real. This day should be perfect in everything: the dress, the cake, the music and the photographer, Years later you will be telling your kids and friends stories about your marriage, but wise man once said: a picture worth a thousand words. The emotions, the oath, the dance - every happy moment should be captured! HIRE A PROFESSIONAL who cares about your day and will bring the best outcome. Hire someone that knows the camera and has an eye for photography, I already photographerd more then 200 weddings, that should let  you know that not only do i have experience but i also love what i do. 

I know sometimes every bride wants to find something that fits their style and most importantly fits their budget, and that's where i come in! I will make sure your date goes as smooth as possible and will be your friend threw the day. I don't only stay in touch with clients threw their wedding planning but even after there wedding- I become your friend as well. To find out Revies of my service you can also f ind me on the top wedding websites, starting with Weddingwire-theknot and thumbtack- I am looking forward to getting to know you and your fiance, You can contact me threw my contact page and fill out the submission form. 

M E E T   I R I S  M E N D O Z A

 Contemporary, creative and artistic wedding photographer. 

Iris  has been  photographing  for over 8 years

and doing weddings for over 7 years. Iris has photographed

over 200 weddings world wide.You will be able to feel her passion for

weddings as soon as

you speak to her. Her photojournalistic style is unique unforgettable, capturing your

moments of love and celebration without disrupting the flow. 

The results is a storyline that reflects the excitement and emotions of your wedding day.

 Iris's  greatest passion is to create beautiful photographs for her

clients during some of happiest times of their Lives. For her there is no greater joy

then when she can develop a close and personal relationship with her clients.

Her challenge to herself is to find photographic moment that

reflect the reality of life and being. Iris does not only photograph weddings she

has also shown  her work in the top art galleries in the

Los Angeles area, photographing portraits,engagement,abstract and many more styles.

Her packages are the best in town, her number one

question asked from her up coming clients is always"" why are your packages so

good to be real" And her answer is always " I believe that

photography shouldn't be something you cannot afford it should be something you will always remember in every way.